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2021 Manheim Tennis Club Meeting

      The 118th organizational meeting of the Manheim Tennis Club was called to order by our club president, Jerry Stehman, at 2:00 pm on Saturday, April 17, 2021, at the Manheim Tennis Court. The following members were present: Amanda Christman, Bill Loercher, Bruce Sperber, Carl Just, Chaz Griffin, Dennis Maust, Denny Keller, Don Royer, Dorothy Love, Jay Witmer, Jeff Graby, Jerry Stehman, John Blanck, Nancy Hanula, Pam Kaylor, Punnipa Hossain, Randy Grove, Rich Brown, Rob Evans, Stan Smith, Steve Berkley, Steve dePerrot, Vickie Miller, Zak Hossain. 

      All reports were distributed by email before the meeting. Bill Loercher made a motion to accept the report; seconded by Rich Brown. 

      The club champions for 2020 were recognized in our Historian's Report which was also distributed to all members before the meeting. 

      Congrats John Blanck for all his work on the Historian Report. 

      Bill Loercher made the motion to keep the Soda Machine Maintenance salary the same, seconded by John Blanck and approved by members present. 

      Don Royer made the motion to retain Jerry Stehman as president, Steve Berkley as Vice President and Denny Keller as the secretary/treasurer and grounds keeper. Seconded by Jay Witmer and approved by members present. 

      Under new business a number of changes will be taking place. 

1. Need a new clubhouse roof at a cost of $7,650 (plus any extra for bad wood) Had 4 estimates of $7.500, $7,650, $11,000 and one that couldn't get close to $7,500. This is the first major expense since? 

2. Regular dues will remain the same: $250. (new members $200 the first year) Husband and wife memberships $400 (new members $300 the first year), monthly $75, junior memberships remain at $30. 

3. Club Singles will be the 1st Saturday in September, Club Doubles the 2nd Saturday in September, Club Mixed the 3rd Saturday in September and the Club Womens Doubles the 4th Saturday in September. 

4. Since almost all money was returned to the Club or Hot Dog Fund Steve Berkley made the motion to eliminate Club Tournament Prize Money. Seconded by Carl Just and approved by members present. 

5. Jerry Stehman made the motion to make our oldest member El Faller (90) a Lifetime Member. approved by members present. 

      Jerry Stehman made the following appointments: 

1. Social Committee - Pam Kaylor
2. Wednesday Doubles League - Denny Keller & Steve Berkley
(those interested in playing should contact Denny or Steve before May 3rd)
3. Thursday evening Doubles League - Dorothy Love
4. Central Penn Doubles League - Steve Berkley
5. Club Singles & Doubles Tournament - Denny Keller
6. Club Golf Tournament - Bill Loercher (need at least 4 players to have it
7. Club Pickle Ball Tournament - Don Musser
8. Club Poker Tournament - Richie Brown. (6 players to have it

       Some important dates to remember: 

1. May 1st is Dues deadline ($25 late fee after this)
2. September 4 - Club Singles Tournament
3. September 11 - Club Doubles Tournament
4. September 18 - Club Mixed
5. September 25 - Womens Doubles

Meeting was adjourned by our club president, Jerry Stehman