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The Constitution of the Manheim Tennis Club


       The Manheim Tennis Club entrusts the  responsibility of governing the tennis activities on the three Har-Tru courts at the Elden Rettew Memorial Park to the professional efforts of the officers of the Manheim Tennis Club and to its club members. Responsibilities to the sport of tennis and to our profession necessitates a commitment to excellence. The Manheim Tennis Club is dedicated to the pursuit of this commitment.

Article I - Name

       The name of this organization shall be the Manheim Tennis Club.

Article II - Purpose

       The purpose of this club shall be as follows:

A. To provide quality competition for members of the club.


To develop the tennis skills of each member to their 

maximum potential.
C. To support the interests and welfare of its members, 
D. To develop sportsmanship, fellowship, and fair play in 
all aspects of the sport of tennis.

Article III - Membership

         Club memberships are comprised of 4 categories: regular, husband/wife, monthly and junior.

         All members over 18 have voting privileges.

Article IV - Officers

       The officers of the Manheim Tennis Club shall be the president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and a grounds manager-keeper. The officers are elected at the annual organizational meeting.

The duties of the club president:
A. Be the representative of the Manheim Tennis Club at 
borough meetings.
B. Be responsible for organizing and governing the annual 
club meeting.
C. Be responsible for monitoring the orderly operation of
the club.
D. Be responsible for determining which rules the club 
membership votes.
E. Be responsible for settling any disputes involving club 
F. Be responsible for presiding at club functions and 
G. Be responsible for being the spokesperson of the club  
when required.


The duties of the vice-president:
A. Be responsible for all duties of the president in his/her
B. Be responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations of 
the club.
C. Be responsible for any duties assigned by the club 
president or as determined by the club members at  
the annual meeting.


The duties of the secretary-treasurer:
A. Be responsible for keeping records of all meetings of 
the club.
B. Be responsible for informing club members of all policies 
relating to the operation and governing of the club.
C. Be responsible for collecting dues and paying debts 
incurred by the Manheim Tennis Club.


The duties of the grounds manager-keeper:
A. Be responsible for the general maintenance of the 
Manheim Tennis Club courts, clubhouse, and 
B. Be responsible for determining when the courts are 
C. Be responsible for any other duties assigned by the club

Article V - Meetings

       There shall be at least one organizational meeting each calendar year in March or April. Special meetings of the club may be called by the club president in emergencies.

Article VI - By-Laws

     1. Dues - The annual dues shall be established by the club members at the annual organizational meeting. Dues should be paid by May 1st of the current season. Failure to pay dues on time shall result in a late fee of $ 25.00.

     2. Committees - The Manheim Tennis Club members shall determine the committees necessary for the efficient operation of the club. Currently, the committees and their responsibilities are:

          A. Central Penn Doubles League - Chairperson elected at annual meeting. The person is responsible for organizing and governing operation of the team playing in the Central Penn Doubles League.

          B. Activities - Chairperson is elected at annual meeting and is responsible for organizing all club activities affecting members during the season.

          C. Golf Tournament - Chairperson is elected at annual meeting and is responsible for organizing and supervising the annual golf tournament for club members.

          D. Doubles Leagues - Chairperson is elected at annual meeting and is responsible for organizing and supervising the summer doubles league. This league plays Wednesday morning and Thursday evening.

          E. Discipline - The Discipline Committee shall be comprised of the president, the vice-president, and the secretary-treasurer.

          G. Manheim Tennis Club Hall of Fame -3 person committee elected at annual meeting. Any club member may nominate another past or current member. All nominations must be submitted to one of the committee members by December 31st. Inductees will be voted on by the Manheim Tennis Club Hall of Fame Committee before the annual meeting.

          1. Club support, financially or physically.
          2. Club tournament records.
          3. Length of membership.


Article VII - Order of Business

       The order of business at the annual club meeting shall be as follows:

      A. Call to order by the club president.

      B. Reading of last year's minutes by the  secretary.

      C. Financial report by treasurer.

      D. Unfinished business.

      E. New business

             1. Election of officers

             2. Appointments of committee chairpersons

             3. Other discussions.

      F. Communications

      G. Adjournment


Article VIII - Club Rules

       A. All members should brush and sweep lines after play is completed and no other members are waiting to use the court.

       B. Members should refrain from using profanity on the courts.

       C. Juniors must relinquish court to adult members on weekdays after 5:00 P.M. and any time on weekends.

       D. When players are waiting to play, members should try to arrange to play doubles. Players must relinquish court to waiting players after two sets.

       E. Guests are permitted to play at no charge; however, guests may only use courts a maximum of 3 times during the year.

       F. There is no dress code, but please use common sense.

       G. Lights must be turned off at 11:00 P.M.

       H. Members whose actions are considered criminal or unacceptable, at the discretion of the Discipline Committee, have their membership revoked and their dues forfeited.